Safety & Quality

“Building a positive safety culture is not a one-off event nor cannot it be bought. It requires the exercise of leadership at all levels and hard work for it to be effective and lasting.”

 At Canadian Utility Construction (CUC), Safety is not just a core value or strategy, but we believe it to be a company-wide culture. Our mission is to perform the work safely, and our duty is to complete each and every project incident and injury free. This is why all of our employees are qualified for their respective tasks and are continually trained to observe and react to any type of operating conditions. So that safety is the main focus 24/7, not just at work but at home as well.

Safety Mission:

We believe that Safety starts from management and works its way down the line. Which is why here at CUC all employees must demonstrate their ownership, and commitment to placing the highest value on their health and well being. With our goal being to achieve zero unsafe acts, we maintain a consistent focus on general safety practices as well as specific job-site situations for all projects and services we complete.

CUC incorporates proactive safety management systems and occupational health processes to mitigate and eliminate incidents/accidents. We pride ourselves on our health & safety training programs and our reputation for maintaining safe job sites. As a commitment to our employee’s health and well being, we initiated an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program and a Flame Resistant (FR) personal protective equipment program.

CUC’s AED program provides employees in the field and in the office access to AED’s and training to enhance life safety response measures. Also, each and every CUC employee who has the potential to be exposed to flames or electrical arcs are provided with FR coveralls.

Leadership in Safety:

To set ourselves apart from other contractors we have teamed up with TrueU, which is an intensive in-person classroom and experiential learning program, that helps develop the fundamental skills and abilities that every leader needs. So that our foreman have all the proper skills and certifications to be strategically driven and to be a role model for the crew. As well as, having Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to help with peer engagement. They are people with enough experience and specialization in a particular field or skill, to help train others to gain experience and confidence, to complete such specific tasks. With the partnership with TrueU and the implementation of Subject Matter Experts, we aim to reduce the number of injuries and incidents through these training programs.


Training tomorrow’s Leaders:

As part of CUC’s commitment to safety, the Quality and Safety team have initiated various types of training and development programs. These programs help create leaders in performance and safety and delivers exceptional value to our employees and to our customers. With providing our employees with the sufficient amount of training and development, we aim to be able to accomplish our ultimate goal of zero unsafe acts in and around the work place.

Quality Management System:

CUC, a leader in the field of Utility System Construction, is committed to provide services in a manner that conforms to contractual and regulatory requirements, applicable National and International standards, good engineering practice and to providing our customers quality services that shall be delivered defect-free, on time and on budget.

In order to achieve this, CUC has developed in conjunction with its management functions, an efficient and effective Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9000 requirements based on the following:

At CUC our Quality Policy is:

  • We will understand our customer / client’s contract requirements and meet them each and every time.
  • We will continually improve through a full understanding of expectations, our processes and the systems that support us.
  • We will perform defect free work that conforms to those requirements.

At CUC our Quality Objectives are:

  • To be strategically driven.
  • To be customer focused.
  • To manage by process and by the facts.
  • To measure against acceptable standards.

Build success on a simple / structured / disciplined sustainable foundation.

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