We believe in what guides us: our purpose, our future, and our values.

Our beliefs that set us apart in our field

We believe that if we run our business based on our deeply held values, we will deliver an excellent workplace for our employees, trusted services and products to our customers and increasing long-term value for our shareholders.

Great Safety Is Great Business

Safety must be paramount, and we will not compromise. We care deeply about our people and invest in their safety. We train, mentor, equip and motivate them to leave work without injury… every day. We all know safety costs money—but what safety saves is so important that we will not let money stand in our way. When everyone is safe, everyone wins.

We Care About Our Industry

We work collaboratively with all the players in our industry, including other contractors and government agencies, to maintain proper industry wide standards of safety and worker training, including apprenticeship training.

We Listen And We Respond

Communicating is about listening first, seeking others’ opinions and learning from others’ knowledge. And this is how we develop the best solutions. We keep this two-way communication going within our teams and with our customers by being upfront with issues and with praise, and by resolving problems in partnership.

We Strive To Do Our Best

We work to continually improve what we do and how we do it. We collectively learn from the past and seek to prevent future problems through training and challenging the status quo. By focusing on improvement, we will exceed our customers’ and each other’s expectations.

We Do What We Say We Are Going To Do

We deliver on our commitments. We understand our roles and responsibilities, live up to them and explain things honestly if something is standing in the way of our mutual success.

We Care About The Communities Where We Live And Work

The power and gas grids are part of every community and so our work of keeping the lights on means we are in both new neighbourhoods and familiar communities. We take our responsibility to be good neighbours and citizens seriously and we show it through our business practices and charitable efforts.

Our Commitment

If we deliver excellence in these areas, we are confident we will continue to deliver value to our employees, our customers, our owner Quanta Services, and to the communities in which we work. We are committed to living these values so that we are known for more than just keeping the lights on.

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