First Nations: Clients COVID-19 Safety Measures

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to reassure our Clients and First Nation partners that Allteck Limited Partnership (Allteck) and Canadian Utility Construction Corp. (CUC) are fully prepared to safely and responsibly respond to any gas and electric power infrastructure needs in all communities.  Our Clients are essential services with many critical functions that must operate 24/7 in order to power the province and we are honoured to support the health and economic activity in a time of emergency. 

We are conducting daily communications with our workforce and crews to ensure that their knowledge of health (physical and mental), safety and environments surrounding the current crisis, is a priority in our operations and that Allteck & CUC employees and contractors are socially responsible within all communities where we work.  We advocate that social distancing and proper hygiene is mandatory in all aspects of business and personal activities, and our crews are prepared with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s) and safe travel policies and protocols.  Furthermore, our Indigenous Advancement team is in close contact with our First Nation partners in order to attain permission to enter and exit Indigenous communities that are mandating check-in points to prevent the pandemic from entering their communities.

On behalf of Allteck & CUC, our Indigenous Advancement Department and a group of staff volunteers have created kits for Elders and the most vulnerable of our First Nation partners. These kits contain bottles of sanitizer and gloves for safety measures during this critical time while supplies are limited to the public.  As an initial response we have mailed 2500 bottles of sanitizer and 10,000 pairs of gloves to the Health Departments of 25 First Nation partners, and as more supplies become available (including masks), we will continue to supply kits to more First Nation communities.

We have informed our First Nation partners to make them aware that Allteck & CUC will continue to make them a priority during this crisis and when possible to support them with economic activity during our participation of our Clients work and essential services.  

Again, it is an honour to support our Clients and Indigenous communities and we will become stronger together through this challenging period.


Indigenous Advancement Team 

Allteck Limited Partnership and Canadian Utility Construction Corp.


Mike Scott, President

Allteck Limited Partnership and Canadian Utility Construction Corp.