Operational Management

Cam Crow

Area Manager - Vancouver Island

Cam Crow joined CUC in February 1997 in the role of Fuser. Cam was part of Vancouver Island when it was CUCs head office and during that time Cam has provided support and leadership as a Foreman, General Foreman, Superintendent and ultimately his current role as Area Manager where he was appointed to in 2013. Cam’s near 20 year leadership on the Island has resulted in some of our longest tenured CUC employee’s. Cam takes pride in developing leaders from within, and enjoys having the opportunity to aspire young people in developing their career.

Ivan Statton

Area Manager - Mains and Services for Metro Vancouver

Ivan joined CUC in April of 2004 as an Operator. He moved on to become a Fuser and Welder before taking on the role of Foreman. Ivan continued his career advancing to General Foreman, Superintendent and to his current role of Area Manager for Main and Services in Metro Vancouver in January of 2018. Ivan brings a wealth of field knowledge and customer relationships to his new position and takes pride in the many 5 and 10 year employees that are with the organization and all of the employees that have been promoted from within the company.